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Mesacon Messelektronik GMBH Indonesia


Mesacon Messelektronik GMBH Indonesia


Measuring System For Thickness Measurement

Measuring System for Thickness Measurement

Mesacon measuring systems are proved to be reliable at forming processes and surface coating of most different strip materials all over the world. With our measuring systems we offer you field tested technologies to optimize your processes for the production or coating of material from thin aluminium foils up to heavy steel sheets.


In addition to standard solutions MESACON Messeleketronik also supplies customized measuring systems with sampling rates down to 0.2 ms to well known manufacturers of strip material and equipment suppliers. Due to such short sampling rates the monitoring and control of processes of manufacture can be performed most stable and with extreme precision.


  1. Thickness Measurement
    For measuring systems :
    a. Simple thickness measurement (centre line measurement)
    b. Traversing profile measurement up to complex Multi Channel Profile gauges including Flatness-, width and speed measurement.

    For the application in painting and galvanizing lines :
    Layer thickness gauges based on Isotope backscattering or X-ray fluorescence principle.


  2. Profile Thickness Measurement
    For the determination of thickness profiles all measuring systems can be executed as traversing systems. At this application the complete sensor or the C-frame is moving continuously over the whole strip width. The measuring system decreed of different traversing programs which the customer can adapt. 

    In addition to the profile thickness data’s the crown and wedge values can be calculated with this traversing system. The traversing profile measurement is installed starting from the hot rolling mill to the inspection lines of the cold rolling mills. For close loop applications the traversing measurement will be combined with a centre line measurement. Alternativ the measuring system can be delivered as a three point gauge. At this the fixed centre line measurement is combined with adjustable edge area measuring points.


  3. Layer Thickness Measurement
    A. Paint layer thickness
    The measurement of the paint layer thickness is realized with synchronized measuring positions for primer and finisher. The used system is based on the Isotope backscattering method. Depending on the application the actual wet and dry values will be recorded over the whole strip width with traversing systems. The values will be evaluated and used for the controlling of the painting process or storied for quality assurance. The properties of different paint specifications can be stored in the measuring system.

    B. Zinc layer thickness
    The operation close to the lower coating limit is requirement for the profitable operation of coating lines and especially of galvanizing lines. MESACON isotope backscattering and X-ray fluorescence based layer thickness gauges provide all relevant data for this optimization process.


  4. Multi Channel Profile Measuring Systems
    Particularly at the exit of hot rolling mills customers have high demands on the thickness profile gauges. In contrast to the traversing systems MESACON Multi channel systems record all 8 ms the complete thicknesses cross profile. Supplemented with temperature and Laser optical flatness and width measurement all profile relevant data’s are permanent available for the mill controlling. In addition to the normal thickness control it is possible to realize the flatness and wedge control.

Mesacon Messelektronik Multi Channel Measuring System


Mesacon Messelektronik GMBH Indonesia

MESACON Solutions

Solutions For Hot Rolling Mill

Mesacon Messelektronik Hot Rolling Mill
solution for hot rolling mill

Solutions For Cold Rolling Mill

Mesacon Messelektronik cold rolling mill
  • Thickness gauges for centre line and profile measurement in cold rolling mills

  • Multi channel profile measurement for continuous cross profile measurement

  • Speed measurement for mass flow control

  • At cold rolling mills on Tandem mills and reversing stands as set value for the process control

  • At pickling and inspection lines and at dividing lines for the checking of the set values

solution for cold rolling mill

Solutions For Coating Plants

solution for coating plant
  • Layer thickness gauges for controlling and quality assurance of organic and inorganic layers

  • Total thickness measurement for the process optimizing

Mesacon Messelektronik coating plants

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Laser thickness measurement by MESACON – flexible and variable.

MESACON’s measuring systems open up a wide range of applications in the field of non-contact thickness measurement, and can provide the competitive advantage for manufacturing processes. In times of Industry 4.0, the requirements for the digitalisation of production data are increasing. Higher data densities lead to ever better process understanding, more efficient production and detailed documented quality.

Mesacon Messelektronik steel service center

Laser triple-spot system for automotive industry

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In times of constantly increasing requirements for quality control, more and more customers from the automotive industry are deciding to use radiometric thickness and layer thickness measuring systems from MESACON® Messelektronik. The willingness to invest in innovative technologies for product and process optimization, even in difficult economic times, testifies to the considerable competitive advantage enjoyed by automotive manufacturers who pursue consistent implementation of the zero-defect principle.

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